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Ship Shape Bedding

Turners Farm

Crowgate Street



NR12 8RE

Tel +44 (0) 8704 464 233

Fax +44 (0) 8701 304 688

Matt Nudd - Business Development Manager

Paul Hallatt - Director

News - Ship Shape Bedding

September 2012 - Southampton Boat Show

We are currently enjoying the sun down here on the south coast. Great crowds are expected and trading has been one of our best show weekends ever!

We are launching our orthopaedic boat mattresses and show deals to be had.

Come and see us on stand D007 in WINDWOOD HALL.

Lets hope the good weather continues!

January 2012 - London Boat Show

Another cracking show enjoyed by all. A slight change around in hall layouts and crowds of just over 140,000 made the show very busy for us.

Record number of mattresses sold ‘in show’ was a great positive. Other big sellers were of course our boat bedding range and our polycarbonate glassware were a great hit.

See us at Southampton Boat Show 2012!

September 2012 - New Range Orthopaedic Boat Mattresses

Bad Backs is a problem suffered by 1 in 5 people in Britain.

A good mattress will support the body where it needs it most, the pressure points (e.g. the hips and shoulders) whilst supporting the spine, keeping it straight and free of twists thus aiding a great nights sleep.

Please call 08704 464233 for a quotation or more information.

2012 - Atlantic Calling Team Rowing The Atlantic Ocean

Dear Ship Shape Bedding,

We have never met, but I was one half of the Atlantic Calling Team who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean with David Whiddon from Agadir in Morocco to Port St Charles in Barbados. I am writing to thank you for your generous sponsorship, which was a crucial part of our expedition planning. 

You will be pleased to hear that we completed the journey in 60 days and 17 hours and in doing so, we became the first pair to ever successfully cross the ocean using this route. We did so in pretty good health and I am in no doubt that we were able to sleep so well on the shipshape bedding, which I found exceptionally comfortable.

Your support was vital to the success of our expedition and we would like to thank you for this and your belief in us. I have attached a photo of us just after we arrived in Barbados.

Kind regards,


Lloyd Figgins (FRGS)

e - lloydfiggins@sky.com
w -
Twitter - @lloydfiggins

E-mail  info@ShipShapeBedding.co.uk