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Sleep Well and Enjoy Life !

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Boat Bedding

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"A Great New British Idea and Profit opportunity."

It's not often a whole new market sector opens up for Chandlers, Boat Manufactures, Brokers and Outfitters. Getting bedding to fit beds on boats has always been a major headache. In the past this has been solved by commissioning bespoke bedding custom-made for each berth on board - at outrageous prices! The majority of boaters, however, suffer on in silence with messy cabins, hard to make beds and over heating feet.  It shouldn't have to be this way!

If people sleep well they are happier in the morning and have a better boating experience. Ship Shape Bedding Ltd was formed to address this problem and make affordable, shaped bedding solutions for yachts and boats of all types.

Ship Shape Bedding has introduced a whole new market opportunity by designing, producing and stocking an extensive range of standard bedding items (over 140 lines) - Fitted Sheets, Duvets & Covers, Mattress Protectors - in 'V' Berth, Quarter Berth, Round Ended and Narrow Rectangular bed shapes.

These can now be stocked by chandlers or offered with a boat sale as part of the commissioning package, and represents a completely new revenue and profit stream.

ship shape bedding

How do we know the right sizes?

The standard range is suitable for 95% of all boat beds. But if we do not do currently an appropriate size or shape then please let us know.

As the range is produced in the UK in bulk production batches all items are priced similarly to High Street bedding.

Given that all the bedding items are available from stock this is now an incremental range that retailers and outfitters can offer, giving increased profits and turn over, and happy customers.

Please call to discuss your requirements telephone 08704 464 233.

The company is looking for stockist's and distributors nationally.

Ship Shape Bedding Ltd., Turners Farm, Crowgate Street, Tunstead Wroxham, NR12 8RD.

fitted sheets

Mattress Protectors


Fitted Sheets

Easy to Make Beds

Shaped Duvets

Smarter Cabins

Mattress Protectors

And Improved Comfort

DRT-Mat ™

Stops Condensation Under Mattresses