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Boat Bedding

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Press Release Images

Please find below images for your use in relation to the Press Releases found here.

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Memory Foam Marine+ Launch

Mattress Construction

Lady On Bed

Engraved Polycarbonate Glasses Launch


Glass Close Up

Orthopaedic Mattress Launch

Bad Back:

Orthopaedic Boat Mattress:

Nesting Pots and Pans Launch

Cut Away Image:

10 Piece:

10 Piece Non Slip:

Other Useful Images

Navy Striped Round End Duvet:

V Berth Mattress Protector:

Fitting A Stretch Sheet:

DRY-Mat® Anti-Condensation Layer:

Normal Duvet In V Berth:

Owners Of Ship Shape World Ltd:

Our Logo - Ship Shape World Ltd:

Our Logo - Ship Shape Bedding:

Bad Back.jpg from the web with arrows -3.PNG DRY-Mat-moisture-leaving.gif