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Press Release

London Boat Show 2013

New Memory Foam Marine+™ Boat Mattress

Ship Shape Bedding launched at the Tullett Prebon London Boat Show a revolutionary New Memory Foam Mattress specifically design for Boats. Branded Marine+ this “Patent Pending” Breathable Boat Mattress sets a new standard in comfort afloat.

Memory foam mattresses are great to sleep on at home.  However, on your Yacht or Motor Boat they just don’t work. This is because the bed construction doesn’t allow sufficient air to circulate and the mattress to breathe.  Existing Memory Foam mattresses therefore tend to make you sweat too much onboard …  UNTIL NOW!

Ship Shape Bedding have been working on this problem and have developed a revolutionary new mattress with Patents applied for.

The new Mattress integrates DRY-Mat® the market leading anti-condensation, with layers of memory foam incorporating ‘Breather Channel Technology’, to ventilate and disperse the humidity from night time perspiration.

As you sleep and perspire the DRY-Mat allows your body and bedding to breathe while the Breather Channels actively funnel and remove the humid air away from your body, leavening you cosy, comfortable and fully supported.   Giving you, they claim, the best night’s sleep you will ever have on board!

Many people suffer from a hot uncomfortable night’s sleep on memory foam due to sweating yet love the feel. This new mattress gives the marine world the ultimate sleeping option.

Ship Shape Bedding say that the Memory Foam Marine+ mattresses can be made for any and all beds on board all Yachts and Motor Boats.

You can see them on stand D114 at the 2013 London Boat Show or visit online at or call their advisors on 08704 464 233 for a personal quotation.



Further Information and Specifications

People throughout the world know the benefits of memory foam and the luxury feel it gives. Although it is very popular for the home bed it has never been a good idea aboard. At home the mattress breathes due to the bed’s construction and is in a drier environment. On board this leads to a sweaty nights sleep plus bacteria and mould building up and the damp smell we all know.

The revolutionary Breather Channels run laterally across the body so every time you roll over or move, the air held in these channels circulated and forced out. The DRY-Mat also offers another layer of breathable material which also adds comfort and extra channels for the air to move through and away from the body.

Marine+ is a real first for the boating community and means that you can sleep as well on your boat as you do at home. It has been specifically designed for the marine environment and is the first completely breathable, memory foam mattress.

Images For Editors

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Notes For Editors:

Ship Shape Bedding is part of the Ship Shape World Group and was founded 7 years ago by ‘round-the-world’ sailing couple Paul and Angela Hallatt. They set up Ship Shape Bedding with the idea of making everyone’s boating experience a whole lot more enjoyable. They initially started selling a range of affordable readymade bedding for yachts and motor boats but quickly expanded the range to cover all boat bedding and galleyware needs.

Ship Shape Bedding is still a family run business that is small enough to care yet big enough to cope. They are leading the way in making home comforts the standard aboard your boat. They offer readymade affordable full bedding ranges from Mattresses, Fitted Sheets, Mattress Protectors, Mattress Toppers, Duvets, Duvet Covers and Pillow Cases. You will also find a great range of Galleyware, Scatter Cushions and the UK’s number one anti-condensation layer DRY-Mat® through their website.

Contacts:    Sales:,   

Director:      Paul Hallatt

Address:     Ship Shape Bedding, Turners Farm, Crowgate Street, Tunstead, Norfolk, NR12 8RD

Telephone:  08704 464 233