The 10 Minute Perfect Template for a new  boat mattress

Making a template is easy. Don’t worry its not at all difficult.

First make sure that it is appropriate for your mattress.

You should use a template whenever there are curves to the edges of the mattress. If there are straight lines on all sides templates are still better than measurements but not strictly necessary. You can always send us the dimensions by selecting the first option.

If there are sides that are not vertical on the edges of the mattress (common in yacht cabins) then CLICK HERE to see how to make the angles. Alternatively you may be better letting us pick up the old mattresses and using them to make templates, unpicking them, making any alterations and disposing of them after for you. If so choose the third option at the check out.


1) Use PAPER and not plastic sheets or old bed sheets (while these can be used, the plastic tends to slip around and the fabric can stretch diagonally leading to errors.) The type of brown paper that you can buy at the Post Office or ‘Staples’ in rolls is absolutely ideal.

1) First join the paper together so that it is      wide enough for the bed you want to make.

2) There are two ways for the the next step.

   i) Either put the mattress on top or the paper and draw around it with a magic marker.


  ii) Put the paper onto the wooden base of the bed and where the ‘fiddles’ raise around the bed to keep the mattress on, run your fingers around to crease the paper with your nails; this will be much easier than you anticipate and will leave a nice sharp edge which you can then later draw around with a felt pen.  See image.

 3) Now finish off by CUTTING OUT THE TEMPLATE and marking it with a) which is the top surface, b)your name and telephone number, c) what boat / bed it is for and D) indicate where (if) you want the mattress split.

This is simple, but if you have any problems, do not have the time or would simply rather that we did it. Then please choose the third option at the final stage of placing an order and we will pick your mattresses up and make the templates for you.  
Any queries or if you would like more information please call us on
08704 464 233